Above image from painting by Constance Aronson, mother of author

A former journalist, I recently closed my law practice so that I could write children’s books full-time. I realized that my teenage daughters were reading mostly fantasy, dystopian-themed novels. With the world so rich with the good, the bad and the unbelievable, I found this to be sad. So I decided to start writing books for middle-grade readers focusing more on the real world – either through biographies or novels with a strong dose of reality.

As an attorney, I focused on assisting senior citizens with their problems. As a journalist, I mostly covered the law, including some of the biggest cases in the country: OJ Simpson, Rodney King and Bush v. Gore, the case that decided the 2000 presidential election.

Now, as I write children’s books, I am experiencing the same adrenaline rush I got as a journalist. I am writing middle-grade soccer novels for our times, with co-writer Shep Messing, a former soccer star and U.S. Olympic goaltender, as kids grapple with issues we see in the headlines every day. I am writing middle-grade biographies about truly extraordinary people – the Groundbreakers of the world. And I am writing the Mandalay Hawk series - novels for middle-graders about kids battling the world's biggest problems. Global warming is public enemy #1. Sometimes kids are the world’s best hope. It's 2030, and what's needed is a lot of KRAAP – Kids Revolting Against Adult Power. Want to read about kids rapping in the Oval Office to a captured president? 

I live in New York City with my wife and two daughters and our dog, Hazel.

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