Jeannette Rankin

America's First Congresswoman

In 1916, Jeannette Rankin made history when she became the first woman elected to Congress, a full 100 years before Hillary Clinton made her historic run for president. Rankin was a groundbreaking politician, a leading suffragette, a leader in fighting for women's rights and, into her 90s, an outspoken anti-war activist fighting against the Vietnam War. She never gave in - and she never gave up. She was a #metoo leader a century ahead of her time. This inspiring biography for middle-grade readers, with more than 60 historic photographs, will be available March 6, 2019.

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Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma

The United States of Anthropocene

Teenager Mandalay Hawk is the coolest, calmest, craziest juvenile delinquent you’ll ever meet. Until she and her pals can’t take it anymore. The year is 2030. The world is broiling, its environment in mortal danger. Global warming, caused by man-made climate change, is causing havoc. Adults screwed it up. Kids have to fix it. There’s a march on Washington unlike any other, and then there’s rapping in the Oval Office to a captive president. KRAAP – Kids Revolt Against Adult Power. There is no choice. This book, the first in a Mandalay Hawk trilogy for middle graders, will be available in late 2019. 

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