Bronislaw Huberman

A hero with a violin

a book in The Groundbreaker series

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From child prodigy to hero, the violinist who saved Jewish musicians from the Holocaust.

This book is the first in my Groundbreaker Series: Short biographies about extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.
Bronislaw Huberman was a child prodigy performing before kings and queens.
As a young man, he became one of the greatest violinists in the world, playing before adoring fans across Europe and the United States. But he also would become an outspoken advocate for human rights and peace.
With the world barreling towards World War II, Huberman’s violin became his sword, as he travelled the world to help Jewish musicians in Europe. He became a musical miracle worker in a crumbling world. He was a maestro and a hero -- for saving Jewish musicians from the Holocaust. He established an orchestra in Palestine, which later became the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the great orchestras of the world.
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There are many heroic stories about World War II and the Holocaust. Countless articles, books and movies have told the tales of resistance fighters, average citizens, businessmen, diplomats, neighbors and nuns who risked their lives to protect and save Jews from the Nazis in Germany and other parts of Europe.

The story in this book also is about a hero, but a hero of a different kind. Bronislaw Huberman didn’t risk his life. But he had the intelligence and foresight to realize in the 1930s that Jews had to leave Germany and other countries in Europe to live a prosperous, safe and fulfilling life. He didn’t know at the time – no one really knew – that the Holocaust was coming. This is the story of Bronislaw Huberman and the founding of a Jewish orchestra in Palestine.

"...[T]his is an exciting, relatively unknown historical account that warrants attention."

- Kirkus Reviews

“I liked it.... This book is knowledgeable and tells us the way in which Bronislaw Huberman rescued people from the cruelties of Hitler.... Will be a good middle-grade read with so many unique and catchy photographs from the time of World War 2."
— Jayasoorya Ke, BOOKSNMUSIC blog

"It's a fascinating read, an amazing true story which will hold the attention of middle-grade readers and leave them wanting to know more about the charachter and the time the book is describing." - A review on

“This is an inspiring book about a man who against all odds managed to make beauty while the world was going to war... Huberman's story will inspire and expose young readers to a time in our history that should never be forgotten."
— A review on

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